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Wouldn’t You Say? – Materialism is Substance Abuse, Literally

Dec 24, 2022 | Biodiversity, News, Rights of Nature, Top Stories | 0 comments

This article is a good followup to the recent post of a press release on the COP15 Biodiversity Deal, which stated “…one of the major outcomes of the framework is support for 30×30, a commitment to preserve 30 percent of all land and seas by the year 2030.”

From another perspective – yes, its major – in that it is so inadequate – its ruinous. Read Ben Price’s thoughts at the CELDF website:

What’s Radical about Conservation?

As ten thousand plus participants gathered in Montreal for COP-15 discussions on preserving this planet’s biodiversity, the two main proposals on the table are wholly deficient. The other big issue, which precipitated a walk-out by representatives of developing nations, had to do with, of course, money, and what the major polluting nations will pay to address the calamity they’ve brought on. What’s been agreed to at COP-15 is laughably inadequate.

The 30 X 30 proposal to protect 30% of Earth’s biodiversity – or is it 30% of the lands and seas, irrespective of the diversity of life there? – by 2030 is not only inadequate; the premises defining the parameters of the proposal are rooted in the very mindset that’s killing entire species at an accelerating rate. What is left of biodiversity is nothing more than an abstract idea kept aspirational by our refusal to quit the behavior that’s causing the sixth great extinction. The “nature forward” proposal seems to have effervesced into the warming air that clearly will not be limited to a 1.5 degree Celsius increase in temperature. 

Read more at the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) site.


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