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My Turn: The case for local self-governance

Let the people decide if they wish to preserve the health, safety and welfare of their communities, thereby guaranteeing a sustainable future by protecting their valuable ecosystems and their social values and forcing corporations that seek to profit from industrial activities to be more accountable to the people and ecosystems most affected.

Letter: We the people must stand united

Thank you for Deputy’s Facebook post questioned by Alexa Massey. This topic reflects the inequality that the Poor People’s Campaign addresses when saying ‘Fight poverty, not the poor’. Dr. Rev. Willliam Barber II alerts us to the fact that the United States contains...

Cville article on ACP defeat, VACRN response

In response to a well written article in the Cville Weekly, Heidi Dhivya Berthoud wrote a letter to the editor, published in the August 12-18 edition. No link was available, thus the text is copied here: Erika Howsare wrote a great article [“Hallelujah, What’s...

Virginia Community Rights Network Launched

Mindy Zlotnick Letter to the Farmville Herald Editor: "The fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) taught us that when people work together, we can win." Read more at the Farmville Herald, published Wednesday July 22, 2020 To view a scanned copy of the article...