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We do have local authority to protect vs metallic mining – will we act on it?

Nov 23, 2022 | Community Rights, Letters to the Editor, Metallic Mining, News, Top Stories, Toxic Trespass | 0 comments

Ken Nadle debuts for public comments. Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone to speak up for what you love!

With the National Academies of Sciences (NASEM) final report in, and the State Agency Committee wrapping up their report on the impacts of gold mining to Virginia (due December 1, 2022), we are not surprised at their findings that Virginia is ill prepared to deal with new modern industrial gold mining – let alone the over 500 existing abandoned toxic mines awaiting clean up. Check out the flurry of posts and articles.

VACRN and Friends of Buckingham have partnered to promote a rights-based toxic trespass ordinance that asserts local authority to protect us at the very front end of the permitting process. We also encourage the adoption of a land-use zoning ordinance, for which Virginia Code grants local authority to restrict, regulate, or prohibit excavation of natural resources – for our purposes – metallic mining. We caution that it be written to allow for the re-mining of the many abandoned toxic mines, to clean them up safely and properly.

Thanks to Chris Godschalk for the latest letter to the editor 11/18/22:
“We need to be protected from metallic mining”.

And thanks to Brian Carlton, Editor of the Farmville Herald for steady, good coverage on 11/18/22: “Ordinance would help more than mining ban.”

Brian reviews Ben Price’s presentation to the Buckingham Board of Supervisors on 11/15/22. Watch the show here. Begin at 16:50. Stay on for our awesome public comments.

Check out the following posts on Friends of Buckingham site:

Local ordinances looking to be the only protections from metallic mining

Virginia’s gold mining regulations aren’t strong enough, report says.

New Report Release: Potential Impacts of Gold Mining in Virginia

National Academies report says Virginia gold mining regulations are inadequate

Abandoned gold mines in Virginia; re-mining and reclamation

The Farmville Herald continues steady coverage of the gold mining issues

Farmville Herald: County can avoid gold mining, officials say!!!

Santoshi & Gracie Young have made it their plan to be the very first speakers during the public comment period. Thank you!!!!


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