Advancing Community Rights in the Face of Threats in Virginia and Around the World

What is the story of injustice in your community that moves you to make a better world? Knowing there are solutions and support to achieve them is deeply satisfying and empowering.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, CELDF, works with communities facing fracking, pipelines, factory farms, workers rights violations and other threats. Communities are recognizing that these seemingly ‘single’ issue threats share something in common – the community doesn’t have the legal authority to say “No” to them. The existing structure of law ensures that people are blocked from advancing their rights, governing their own communities, and acting as stewards of the environment, while ‘legalizing’ corporate ‘rights’ and interests over those of communities and Nature. 

No matter what the issue, the problem is the same… Communities are stuck inside a box. Find inspiration and support; read more at CELDF, Advancing Community Rights.  This is a gold mine of information. 

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Your generous giving makes possible this work to share the news and to support communities in organizing throughout Virginia. Together we can place community, environment, and democracy over corporate profits in a real and growing grassroots movement. Thank you for joining that effort. Together we can protect Virginia.


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