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Editorial & 2 LTE’s – keeping a light shining on metallic mining

Mar 30, 2023 | Letters to the Editor, Metallic Mining, News, Top Stories, Toxic Trespass | 0 comments


Julia Gibson presents public comments


Brian Carlton, editor of the Farmville Herald covers the March 20 Planning Commission work session on metallic mining, which hosted more than 90 minutes of testimony – exclusively from self-promoting industry. You too can hear how metallic mining isn’t so bad! Click here for the recording of the session. I remind us – that the EPA considers metallic mining the most toxic of all industry. Read Brian’s editorial Here, published on 3-23-2023.

Thanks to Frank Schawaller for his letter to the editor (LTE) on 3-22-2023. He goes to bat for the rights-based, toxic trespass, prove it first ordinance. The Supervisors have never given discussion to this ordinance, thanks to the poor advice of the county attorney, who claims there is no Virginia Code allowing localities to enact such protections. We found in Virginia Code 15.2-1102 that municipalities were given “permission” and granted general powers “which are necessary or desirable to secure and promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality”. Read the LTE here.

Thanks to Julia Gibson for her LTE on 3-29-2023 expounding on the robust history of successful deterrence that Prove It First law provided for Wisconsin for 20 years. Read that LTE here.

Check out the recording of the last Planning Commission Meeting on March 27, which was brief and happened to focus on metallic mining. They hosted Paul Busch, Moss Mine Goochland gold miner for over 40 minutes. Please start listening at 16 minutes to important public comments asking the Planners to invite independant experts to the table. Paul is up soon thereafter.

We are so fortunate to have this local media coverage!





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