Letter to the editor: Have you been heard?

Jun 14, 2022 | Community News, Letters to the Editor, Metallic Mining, News | 0 comments

Kenda Hanuman: Thank you for the May 20 Opinion announcing the public listening session on gold mining. I was impressed on May 25 by the two hours of comments—all against industrial scale gold mining! The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) committee now has listened to strong sentiment from  the Commonwealth’s citizens to include in their HB 2213 gold study to present to the next General Assembly.

Our comments and actions are needed now before the NAS completes its draft document in July. The State Agency committee continues monthly public meetings and receives public input until September 30.There have been three excellent, informative presentations in March and May. Three more are scheduled for June 23. The petition for a local Ordinance to protect Buckingham from toxic trespass is gaining momentum as it exceeds 600 signatures now.

The link to gather the facts, sign the petition, and send your comments: https://tinyurl.com/pwxcza8p

Kenda Hanuman

Here is a pdf copy.

Check out this article with videos on the listening session.


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