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When everyone went inside – Poem by Kyle Canfield

Jun 19, 2020 | Arts, Resources | 0 comments

© By Kyle Canfield from webinar by Lynne Twist

When everyone went inside,
the earth cracked a smile 30 million miles wide,
the oceans bounced back with each rise of the tide.
The animals rejoiced, they were not forced to hide.

All the cars were parked, the engines sat still,
gas pumps sat idle; there were no oil spills.
The trees and the birds all shouted hooray;
the skies were crystal blue, not silty and gray.

Day after day as the humans stayed home,
Mother Earth hit the gym to get healthy and toned.
Her rivers ran clean and the Ozone had grown.
Wild animals returned to a world all their own
reclaiming the land that their ancestors roamed.

The bugs were buggin’, the slugs were sluggin’,
the spiders were crawling, the pollution was falling,
the deer and wildcats, the bison and bees
the snakes and the worms, squirrels, and monkeys,
just walking around for the humans to see,
the sheep and the goats, the zebras, giraffes,
the whales and the sharks, the tuna and bass,
all running and swimming and having a blast.

The hawks and the eagles, the lizards and beetles,
the Pandas, the pollywogs, wolves and the weevils,
the lions and tigers and cats of all sizes
had the earth to themselves as we hid from the virus.

The bears and the elephants, turtles and toads,
basked in the sun and even laid in the roads.
Crocodiles, raccoons, kangaroos and koalas,
just cruising the streets like jaguars and impalas.
Colts, cobras, rams, rabbits and foxes,
all speeding along as we sat in our boxes.

As days turned to weeks
and weeks turned to months,
the world was becoming
the way it was once—
a beautiful sight
for the eyes open wide;
what a gift to the earth
when we all went inside.


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