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Webinar with Will Falk: Protect Thacker Pass

Sep 12, 2021 | Chemical Trespass, News, Top Stories | 0 comments

On January 15th, 2021 Will Falk and Max Wilbert staked their ecological heart and soul on Protecting Thacker Pass, or Peehee mu’ Huh as the area is known to the Indigenous peoples. Members of the local Fort McDermitt tribe are currently petitioning the courts to stop the destruction of the land and their native ancestors buried beneath it from the bulldozers of Lithium Americas.

The National Community Rights Network (NCRN), in conversation with Will and tribal members, discuss how the structure of our system negates tribal rights and tribal history in order to obtain natural resources – in this case, lithium used to feed the electric car manufacturers who have convinced so many that electric cars are ‘green’.

View the August 25, 2021 webinar Here.

Will is an attorney, writer, activist, and organizer with Protect Thacker Pass. Protect Thacker Pass is an “independent, grassroots collective of people” protecting the land and all life from a proposed lithium mine in the Central Basin, Nevada. For Thacker Pass Facebook click here.

LISTEN to July 2021 Podcast: Daranda and Will: Why we must protect Thacker Pass here. (10:05)

Protect Thacker Pass Promo Video (1:38)


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