“To the River”, a new no pipeline anthem written by Joshua Vana, arranged, performed by the SUN SiNG collective and filmed by Sarah Hazlegrove, premiered at the SUN SiNG Concert: April 26. 2019. There was no studio time in the creation of this video.

“To the River” was recorded and filmed along the MVP & ACP fracked gas pipeline routes in areas of devastation using the Sun Bus and videographer, Sarah Hazlegrove. The Sun Bus is a cargo van with a concert level sound and recording system within it that is powered by the solar panels mounted to its roof. The Sun Bus was designed and custom built by SUN SING executive producer, Graham Smith-White.

Read more at video site. We thank ARTivism over n over again!

Photo gallery below from SUN SiNG Concert: April 26. 2019, from yours truly.