Join our Photo Project

We want to decorate our website with more pictures of people who want to protect the rights that Nature has: to exist, flourish, regenerate, evolve and be restored. 

Will you like to help?

Make a sign choosing from suggested messages and hash tags or make up your own.

1.      Suggested messages:

  • Uniting the Rights of Nature and Community
  • United to protect community and nature
  • Uniting Virginia to Protect Community and Nature
  • Protecting our right to clean community and nature
  • Communities depend on Nature!
  • Who speaks for the rivers?
  • Protecting Nature’s rights to exist, flourish, regenerate, evolve & be restored

2.      Suggested hash tags (#):


3.      For example:

Virginia Protects Communities and Nature

4.      Take a picture by yourself or with friends and family in Nature with your sign.

5.      Send it to us at

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Hanuman, DJ, Mindy & Heidi Dhivya