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Defunding Violence

Feb 20, 2021 | Social Justice Rights, Uncategorized, Worker Rights

Democracy without Violence – A Participatory Policy Library on Law Enforcement

A cooperative toolkit for reducing violence in your community

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) staff have helped facilitate the creation of a “model ordinance” to offer a library of municipal policy changes designed to implement and move communities toward police abolition. Numerous abolitionist organizers across the United States contributed to the current draft. It continues to be a living document, and CELDF is soliciting broader feedback from interested individuals and groups. It’s already been used by communities advancing municipal change and CELDF is now ready to offer it more broadly.

How might this be related to the Rights of Nature? Check out the post at CELDF, follow all the links. Rights of Nature is about Community Rights to exist, flourish, evolve, regenerate. Communities means all of us – humans, animals, plants, earth, water, air, not separate from one another. What is not community? This is the circle of life, not the pyramid – which promotes power over other. Look where that’s gotten us. Indigenous peoples have struggled to maintain this way, and have been trying to educate us for a long time. When did we go so wrong? When we look more closely at history, we find that the origins of policing was to control enslaved peoples and other workers. Rights based movements are about reclaiming rights not to be abused, about freedom from harm, and giving everyone a seat at the table. The militarization of our cultures can and must be stopped and healed. Find out more about how to defund violence in your community from CELDF!


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