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Metallic Mining and Freedom from Toxic Trespass

Nov 28, 2021 | Chemical Trespass, Community Rights, Mining, News | 0 comments

There’s gold in Virginia, but it won’t make us rich! Virginia Community Rights Network (VACRN) has teamed up with the Friends of Buckingham (FoB) to jointly propose to the Buckingham County Board of Supervisors, passage into law a Community Bill of Rights called

“Ordinance Requiring an Assessment of the Compatibility of Metallic Mining with the Right to Freedom from Toxic Trespass.“

This bill declares:

  • The right to local self governance, to protect our health and community.
  • The right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our water, air and land from toxic trespass, which we know industrial mining would bring.
  • The requirement for a metallic mining company to “Prove It First”. The company would first have to provide proof of at least one metallic mine that did not cause harm –  inspired by past Wisconsin and pending Minnesota law.

Read the bill here.

A campaign has been organized to gather support from the community. If you are a Buckingham registered voter, please help by signing the online petition here. Please share widely this short link: When 1,000 signatures are collected, the bill will be presented. Your attendance will be very important to show more community concern.

To get the word out and collect signatures, we have been tabling at public events and are going door to door. Join us! Post a yard sign, or bumper sticker. Invite us to present to your group! Get 5 friends to sign the petition!

A landing page has been created on VACRN for this work. Please check out the informational videos, short and long options. Also, Friends of Buckingham is doing extensive work with allies across the state. Check out their work here.

CELDF makes an announcement of our work. Read and share the article here.


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